datax6 project workflow

About project

Period: Oct-Dec 2018

Client: Brown Motion

Subject: Data Collection and Project Analysis

The project was about data collection from a specific zone in the USA for the online service of motion graphics. It was a very challenging task to extract some interested people from this niche.

Our Task Was

By collecting data and analyzing we have to sort them out for final delivery.

This sorting was a bit challenging as we have found some complexities to sort out this data during finalization.


Though it was a bit challenging we have made some plans to some extent so that we can achieve this and work comfortably.

  • Data analysis
  • Data collect
  • Sorting out and organize
  • To find someone who is interested in it
  • Competition market analysis
  • Make some important notes
  • The policy applied by clients


The ultimate success of the edge makes us much confident and happy as well as experience new things and explore.

  • 90% Accuracy
  • Data driven policy
  • Data sorting out
  • Ultimate success


Challenge makes a challenge more complex but gives us the lesson of experience.

We have experienced out of the box and explore new things in this project.