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About project

Period: Jan-Mar 2019

Client: Online Agency

Subject: Web research project for online agency

We started this project for an online agency who provides digital services like SEO. social media, marketing, and digital marketing course.

Our Task Was

To find out targeted data from the provided location and create a google sheet.

It was a very exciting project as our team has achieved this sort of task before and we have many satisfied clients.


Everything well-organized and properly maintained task make complex things easy and comfortable. We have achieved this before the deadline as we have made some plans and estimations.

  • Collect data
  • Website analysis and data management
  • Proper research
  • Data mining technique
  • Organized data and well-made sheet
  • Proper analysis and data correction
  • Delivered project before the deadline


Consequently, we have fulfilled and serve the client’s purpose. Our main goal to satisfy our clients by providing our best servie.

  • 87% Accurate data
  • Conversion possibility info
  • Well organized
  • Properly maintained


Every task given by our beloved clients are taken over carefully and gladly. We believe in clients’ satisfaction and the ultimate goal of success.

Our happiness and joy of achievement will go continuing what is our main motto.