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Dedicated for data entry task, linkedin management and data analysis to grow your business.

Datax6 is special for lead generation and data entry services. We provide you with the best solutions to all types of data entry task, linkedin lead generation etc.

We have been of a great team with skilled and experienced people who ensures the quality of work and maintain the delivery time.

We have pleased more than 250+ clients all over the world with our quality service. If you want to be a part of the satisfied clients, allow us to enter your work responsibility and we will prove our best.
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Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

Our creative team members analyse your business with proper research and make a good plan. We collect data and all those information we need for further study. After that our professional teams work on it and make progressive report to show our clients.

We always try to build a good communication between clients and agency so that we can do the work properly. Clients satisfaction is the main moto so we prioritize it always and make them happy.

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Corporate Experience

We have walked a long way to gather this experience.

Brilliant Team

Everyone in our team is well-experienced in his/her respective field.

Creative & Professional

Creativity is the fundamental need of the business organization.

Complex Sollutions

Well management and research are the main themes of success.

Client's satisfaction

We leave no stone unturned to make our clients fully satisfied.

Our Process

  • 1. Market Research & Analysis

    The market research gives you the proper overview of a specific product you want to launch. We are dedicated to doing this task in the right way so that you can rely on us.

  • 2. Business Information and data collection

    We have gained experience in business information and data collection that can easily help you to catch your competitors. We have been sincerely doing this for our clients since our birth.

  • 3. Make well research with a good plan

    Our service is rendered to you to make thorough research with a master plan. Our adept team is inclined to make proper research and analysis to make things happen perfectly.

  • 4. Study with collected info and make draft

    We go for a draft based on the collected info from the analysis report. We strongly believe that proper study on obtained info can provide a good result. We consider your burden as ours.

  • 5. Visualization of idea and implementation in the work

    We think over the idea and go for implementation with it for your success. We count on the visualization and we make it happen into the reality. So, you can go with us.

  • 6. Work with the project until client's satisfaction

    We believe a business organization cannot go for a long way without its clients’ satisfaction. So, satisfying them is our regular duty. Don’t hesitate to get your burden on our shoulders.

Tensed about your business growth?

We are ready to get all the things organized for you with extensive research!